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Ericson announces their comprehensive line of 15-500kVA "E-Cart" Power Transformation Units (PTUs); the most extensive in the industry.

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This extensive Power Transformation offering, along with a Design Your Own e-Cart section, is part of a larger Jobsite Power, Lighting and Protection System, designed with worker safety in mind.

Learn more from our blog post “The Importance of Safe Compliant Portable Power for Worker Safety”.  

Here is a copy of our Design Your Own Worksheet to configure a Power Transformation Unit that meets your needs.  Complete the information and send it to our Ericson's Applications Department at sales@ericson.com.

In addition to a new PTU catalog, you’ll also find a complete electronic cross reference on our website.  Simply enter a competitor's catalog number in the search bar found on our homepage.

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Notable Features

  • Transformer Ranges from 15-500kVA
  • Transformer primary voltage and connection – 480-600V, Single and Dual Primary Ranges, Bi-Directional Design
  • Transformer styles – dry-type and encapsulated for standard, harsh and hazardous  environments
  • Frame Materials – Powder coated Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum 
  • Frame Styles – Open, Cage-Frame, Enclosed, Stackable
  • Mobility Options – 2-wheel, 4-wheel (standard or custom wheels with brakes), Forklift pockets, welded lifting eyes, bolted lifting eyes, Legs or Skids
  • Primary and Secondary Panel Options – Ericson Exclusive Combo-Box with 4-subpanel design available in stainless or multi-circuit Panel or Load center designs available.
  • Customized Color and Labeling Schemes
  • Customizable Power, Frame, Primary and Secondary Panels and Frame Mobility options throughout with our Build your Own Cart Options.

Contact Ericson to help design the Portable Power Solution that best matches the needs of your Jobsite